Frequently Asked Questions about the bicycle tours in Russia



How long have you been doing the guided tours? - We organized the first Golden Ring of Russia bike tour in 1996. We have been doing this tour annually since 2002 and Moscow - St. Petersburg since 2009. See our photo reports.

Where are your participants from? - From all over the world. In every tour we usually have people from 4 and more countries including Russia which makes our tour very interesting and multicultural. Some people took part in more than one tour. If you like, we’ll put you in contact with some of our past riders who have a similar cycling background as yourself and you can talk to them directly and openly about our tours.

How many participants are usually in the group?

Usually from 10 to 20 plus guides.

Do you have references from past participants?

See our testimonial page. You can contact some of our past participants by email. Require us about that.


What is the terrain of your routes? - Our route are mostly in the Central Russia, which is mostly flat but there is some rolling terrain. (see photo reports)

What is the surface of the roads? - All roads are asphalt except a few short parts. Pay attention that Russian asphalt is not always smooth. We do not recommend tires less than 32 mm wide.

What is the traffic? - We try to choose only quiet roads.


What is your pace? Should we all be in a pack?- We usually cycle 15 - 20 km per hour in average (10 - 12 ml/h). But we are not in one pack (except cycling in cities). You can keep your own pace. We gather all group in the turn points where our support car waits for you each 25-30 km.

What will happen if I am tired? - The support car is always ready to give you a lift.

What if my bike is broken? - Our guides will help you does not matter if it is your bike or rented.


Unfortunately your schedule does not suit me. - Let us know your possible time - may be we will organize additional tours. We also can organize an independent or customized tour. Subscribe our tour newsletter


When and how should I pay for the tour? - You should pay a deposit after our confirmation (usually in February - March) by a credit card or bank transfer. The balance you should pay 1 month before tour starts.

What is the best way to bring money to Russia? -  You may use your credit card (ATM machines are available in big cities) and bring cash (preferably US dollars or Euros but do not bring worn-out notes which are not accepted by Russian banks). We do not recommend using travelers checks. It is a time-consuming procedure and some types of travelers checks are not accepted by Russian banks.


What if you do not have minimum of participants for the tour? - For the time we accept a deposit we have already decided about the tour.

I want to stay in Russia longer. - No problem. We may book accommodation for you either you come earlier or leave later than tour dates.

I would prefer Golden Ring of Russia tour but want to see St. Petersburg during my visit to Russia. -  There are many trains between Moscow and St. Petersburg: fast day trains (4 hours) and night trains (8 hours with comfortable sleeping compartments). We can help you to organize a train trip to St. Petersburg on your own after the tour. We may buy train tickets in advance and book a hotel for you.

What is the difference between comfort and adventure tours? - In comfort tour we stay only in high quality hotels (only double or single accommodation with WC and shower in the room). In adventure tour we stay in less expensive hotels, hostels, cabins with double rooms or dorms. In Adventure tour we may have unpaved roads and the daily distance is longer. You should know that it might be some inconvenience in adventure tour (Read article This Is Not The Comfort Tour – No Whining). As the compensation we have tighter communication and we are closer to nature in Adventure tour. We often cook ourselves in Adventure tour. Guides are supposed to do most of the work but your help in setting the table and washing the dishes is much appreciated.

Should I bring a tent or other camping gears in the Adventure tour? - No, but if you prefer to stay in tent it is possible in some places.

Can I take children with me? - According to the Russian Traffic Code only people 14 and older are allowed on the roads by bicycle. But we usually use quiet roads and that is responsibility of parents if they are able to cycle necessary distance. All children under 18's must be accompanied by a parent or a guardian.

Can my "Non-riding" spouse or friend come with me? - Yes. You should describe it in your application form.

What type of bike is better for the tour? - Your can ride any type. We recommend road or hybrid bikes with 28" (700 mm) wheels (32 - 40 mm wide). They are available for rent.

Can I use tandem or recumbent bicycle for the tour? - Yes.

Can I rent a bike for the tour? - Yes. We have hybrid (city) bikes for rent. They are equipped with a rack and bottle cage. You may bring your own saddle and pedals (if you use special like SPD). Tandems and electric bikes are available upon request. More information about rental bikes

Can I use Internet during the tour? - In comfort tours Wi-Fi is available in most hotels.

Can I use mobile (cell) phone in Russia? - We advise to bring your phone if you have one. (It is 900/1800 MHz GSM frequency in Russia like in Europe, Asia, Australia.) Roaming is expensive but if your phone is unlocked you may buy Russian provider’s SIM card (the cheapest one costs about $5). 

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