Eurovelo in Russia

EuroVelo is the project of creating cycle routes connecting all European countries. EuroVelo now has 17 cycling routes in 42 countries totaling over 90,000 km. Eurovelo project is coordinated by the European Cyclists' Federation (ECF).

eurovelo map

There are 3 cycling routes which go through Russia:

EV10 and EV13 are almost the same itinerary in Russia.

EuroVelo routes in Russia are not currently complete but cycle touring on conventional roads is still possible. The Russian Cycle Touring Club is available to answer any questions about travelling by bike.

Recommended route to avoid main road on EV2: Lyady - Krasny (P135) - Smolensk - Dorogobuzh (P134) - (some sand road) - Viaz'ma - Novodugino - Prechistoe - Gagarin - (some dirt road) - Tsvetkovsky - Uvarovka - Borodino - Mozhaisk - Klement'evo - Ruza - Kolubiakino - Zvenigorod - Moscow (approx. 650 km).

EV2 main attractions:

Recommended route on EV10/13: Ivangorod - Kingisepp - Koporye - Gostilitsy - Petergof - Saint Petersburg

EV10/13 main attractions:

There is a nice cycle path from Saint Petersburg to Zelenogorsk. From Inangorod to Kingisepp and from Vyborg to Finland there is a big road but there is no another alternative.

Detailed descriptions of Narva/Ivangorod - St. Petersburg part is available in Russian

On Kaliningrad part you may find some information on Koenig bicycle club site

Official site of Eurovelo project

Alternative to Eurovelo Baltic routes can be R1 route

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