Bike tour "Pushkin"

Pskov region

Pushkin bike tour

Our new literature tour is dedicated to Alexander Pushkin, the greatest Russian poet. It goes through the Pskov region and famous Pushkinskie Gory with the estate of Pushkin family where he spent considerable time of his life. The tomb of Alexander Pushkin is in Pushkinskiye Gory (in Svyatogorsky Monastery). You also will see historic sites of Izborsk, Pechory, Pskov, which are the part of the Silver Ring of Russia. After the tour you may return to Moscow or St. Petersburg by comfortable train or stay longer in Pskov.

Most roads along the route do not have heavy traffic and are paved with asphalt. We stay in good quality hotels (only double or single accommodation with private bathroom).

Bike tour highlights:

10 reasons for visiting Pskov region

Itinerary (pdf)

bicycle map Pskov

Map of the route. Cycling distance - 230 km.

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