Bicycle tour Volga Highlands

Kazan - Ulyanovsk - Samara

Where the East meets the West

Route: Kazan - Undory spa-resort - Ulyanovsk - Sengiley Mountains National Park - Samara Bend (Ziguly Mountains) National Park - Samara

We invite you to visit a rather unique part of European Russia with scenic airy long views over endless chernozem soil (black earth) fields covered by blooming sunflowers, wild steppe, old hills that used to be seabed and carry a lot of sea fauna remains, motherland of ichthyosaur, so-called Russian Karlovy Vary, and of course middle Volga River National Parks - Sengiley Mountains and Samara Bend (Zhiguli mountains) Historically the region is closely connected with the rise and fall of a famous historic state Volga Bulgaria which flourished on these lands between the 7th and 13th centuries but was subjugated by the Mongols and became a part of the Golden Horde. This is the land where Christianity meets Islam, the West meets the East. Moreover it is motherland of Vladimir Lenin, 1917 Socialist Revolution leader and home to the famous Soviet car brand LADA. We end our tour in the city of Samara, formerly closed city, Space Capital of Russia. The first space rocket that took Yury Gagarin in to space was build in Samara.

The tour starts in Kazan (Historic and Architectural Complex of the Kazan Kremlin is in UNESCO world heritage list). And ends in Ulyanovsk (the birthplace of V. Lenin, UNESCO has designated Ulyanovsk as a City of Literature) or Samara (the big city on the Volga which is known for the production of aerospace launch vehicles).

Kazan bike tour


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Zhiguli Samara Volga bike tour

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