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In our opinion Russia is as safe as any other European country. We have never had serious problems on our tours, and we know many solo cyclists that have never had any problems. Most Russian people are very friendly and helpful. On our guided tours you will be accompanied by Russian cyclists for the entire trip, and they will help you with any difficulties.

Tourist infrastructure in Russia is not excellent developed yet especially in the country. The worst thing is a strange alphabet  and few local people speak English or other foreign languages. Large cities like Moscow and St. Petersburg are not more difficult than other western cities. While traveling with us, you will have guides to pave the way. If you wish to spend additional time here, the trip will help you learn what you need to know to strike out on your own.

In most regions summer is quite short. We usually cycle from the middle of April till the middle of October. The best time for cycling is June through August.

You can if you are experienced traveler, especially if level of service is not very essential for you. Sometimes it is difficult to find a place to stay in the country and a hotel with reasonable price in the big cities. It will be not a problem if you are going to stay in tent (it is possible everywhere in Russia).

See our Eurovelo page about it.

It is a rather popular idea and some people did it. See our page about it.

It is probably the worst part of traveling to Russia but should not stop you. Tourist visa can be issued for up to 30 days. If it is not enough for you should get a business visa. Since 2021 electronic visa is available for some countries for 16 days.  (Find more) 

Prices in Moscow and St. Petersburg are almost the same like in Europe. But tourists usually spend more than habitants. In the country prices are cheaper than in big cities.

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